Friday, December 10, 2010

New alarm clock version 2.1

Fixed a bug: A problem getting multiple alarms to work. The first alarm works but the 2nd 3rd, etc don't work:


  1. Hi. Just tried your program today,. Like it a lot - simple good interface, I like the alarm display size, good and clear. Nice design. You should think of putting out a pro/premium/whatever version or making it donationware - I'd be happy to put in a few dollars if it would help you add in a few tweaks like maybe Settings to change snooze time. But the simplicity is great anyway. Thanks
    rashad from australia

  2. rashad: Thank you for the comment. It's a good idea to create pro or premium version.
    Also we are going to release new version of Free Alarm Clock in February.

  3. Good program. Keep it free. An ability to allow the user to set the repeat time for the snooze feature would be an advantage (currently 9 mins?).