Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Free Alarm Clock 5.1 has been released

  • Improved: Missed alerts are displayed in the reminder window.
  • Now, when the "Show message" setting is turned off, the notification window does not disappear 30 seconds after it appears and the sound does not stop playing.
  • Corrected the Greek interface language.
  • Fixed: The online alarm website did not open correctly when using emoji.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Free Alarm Clock 5.0 has been released

  • Improved: The design of the application has been updated. A new dark theme has been added. The application icons have been changed.
  • A new ability to set the type of alarm clock has been added: One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  • A new setting has been added to arrange the alarm list by Time, Label, or Next alarm time.
  • New sounds have been added, some sounds have been renamed.
  • New: Translations of the user interface into 5 languages: Hindi, Norwegian BokmÃ¥l, Persian, Kurdish and Estonian.
  • New request and warning forms with the ability to cancel the reappearance of the form has been added.
  • A new "Open Online Alarm Clock" button has been added.
  • Improved: The behavior of the "Date" field for a one-time alarm has been changed:
    • If the date is not set or it was set for today, tomorrow, or for the past date, then the alarm will go off today or tomorrow, depending on the alarm time.
    • If the date is set for the day after tomorrow or later, the specified date is used for the alarm.
  • Improved: When you add a new alarm, the sound name and volume are set to the same as the last time you edited the sound settings.
  • Improved: If you decrease the height of the floating window, only the time and date are displayed.
  • Improved: The OK/Close button in the reminders window is focused by default, but the reminders window itself does not become active when it appears to avoid accidentally closing it.
  • Improved: If for some reason the sound could not play, the system beep starts playing.
  • Improved: When the "Always on top" option is enabled, the caption of the main window is reduced and the program icon is removed from the taskbar.
  • Improved: Translation of sounds into other languages has been added.
  • Improved user interface translation in some languages (especially Asian languages).
  • Improved: The work of the program on High DPI screens has been improved and fixed.
  • Improved: An additional check has been added that prohibits the launch of multiple instances of the program.
  • Improved: In Windows 7 and above, when playing the sound of the alarm, all sounds are muted and music playback is paused, if the "Turn on the volume" option is checked.
  • Fixed: In Windows 10, the notification message disappeared after a few seconds and the music stopped.
  • Fixed: The year in the caption of window was incorrectly displayed when setting the alarm: 2121 instead of 2021.
  • Fixed: When switching to winter time and moving the clock back one hour, alerts were triggered again.
  • Fixed a bug with resetting the position of the floating window when working with multiple screens.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.
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