Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Alarm Clock 3.0 has been released

  • New: "Play Sound Duration" option. You can define for how long to play the sound.
  • New: The "Stay on Top" option has been added for the main window.
  • New: "Cancel Snooze" command.
  • New: Support for the flac audio files has been added. Support for the wav files has been improved.
  • Fixed: Sometimes alarms not fires when the computer wakes up from a sleep mode.
  • Fixed: Issue with sorting of alarms.
  • Fixed: When an event occurs, the floating window starts flashing. It can't stop flashing when you set the "(None)" sound.
  • Fixed: Alarm kept going off even when you hit Snooze and deleted the alarm.
  • Some other bug fixes and improvements.


  1. The Free Alarm clock is great. I use this as reminder for prayers timing and also for wake up in the morning. And it works great. Thank you so much. IQBALJEE (Karachi, Pakistan)

  2. Congratulations for this excellent software.

    I´d like suggest that the Free Alarm allows include attachments AND during reading of message, be possible maximize the message and there is a vertical scroolbar, to easy reading.


    Silvano, from Brazil

  3. Any idea why alarm would play sound completely twice,
    or start playing for half second, then start playing again?
    Kind of like a hiccup. Repeat sound is unchecked.

    Could it have anything to do with computer checking for and updating time?

  4. I had a specific need to remind be reminded every hour after an event occurred, to update a personal log file. Free Alarm Clock is fantastic for this. I have not found any other reasonable, simple way to do this. Free Alarm Clock makes it simple. I set an alarm for each hour/minute (I'd like to set the seconds, too) from 6am to midnight. When the event occurs again, I reset the minute for each alarm. Simple.

    My wishlist is:
    1) I would like to have an Every Hour option for a single alarm, and when selected, have a window to set the starting and ending hours...

    2) or else, have a global edit feature that would edit the minute (and second if offered) for all alarms that are checked.

    Thanks. :)

  5. Great Alarm program. Wish it set an OFF time, like on a timer.

  6. Hi,

    clock is nice, but I need one function : every 30 minuts short ring, always in full and half hour.

    Possible to do it ?



  7. LOVE this app... but have been looking for snooze to last up to an hour and don't see "longer snooze" in the list. Thanks SO much for this app - it makes my life much easier!

  8. I use this when I have to travel for work. I don't like to rely on the clock radios in the room because their volume could be off or on a station that is just static or worse yet and it has happened to me the lost power in the night.

  9. I'm just trying this out. When the alarm time is hit, a screen come up for less than a second and then disappears. No sound is played even though a sound is selected and "mute" is off. The alarm sound plays when I test it. I'm running Windows 7 (x32) with external speakers. The program looks like it is exactly what I need - I would just like to get it to work!