Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Alarm Clock 2.3 has been released

Changes in version 2.3:

  • Added new interface languages: Swedish, Slovenian, Korean, Finnish, Hungarian, Chinese Traditional.
  • Volume control behavior has been improved for systems with several sound cards (playback devices).
  • Sound volume goes back to the default state after alarm activation.
  • Snooze alarm with a single spacebar press.
  • A new setting "Show clock in floating window" has been added.


  1. floating clock a great idea - only problem is it is always on top - but wd like option of not being on top or transparency

  2. I loved this program .. Thank you very much

  3. Very good. Thanks!

  4. Very cool! Thank you guys!
    How about playlist support with Play Random option?

  5. Absolutely awesome tool! Just a couple of thoughts/things I've noticed:
    - when you preview an alarm sound, it doesn't drop back the volume afterwards (which it does when you use the alarm)
    - a 24 hour alarm time setting might be more appropriate than using the AM/PM drop-down (sometimes I forget to change the AM/PM setting and wake up later than I plan to)
    - an editable field would be easier to use than a drop-down

    Regardless, this is easily the best alarm clock I have. Thanks.

  6. Waking up from sleep mode doesn't work for me. It would be lovely to see this too!

  7. Adib - allow wake up timers in windows 7 http://maximumpcguides.com/windows-7/allow-wake-timers-in-windows-7/

    Question: does File - Exit keep Alarm running in the background?

  8. How about a shuffle option for the Mp3's?

    Great program otherwise!

  9. EXCELLENT Program, EXACTLY what I needed!

  10. Thank you so Much for this fantastic Software :D
    Alarm on the go...

  11. I am sometimes a very heavy sleeper, so I set 4 alarms at 10 minute intervals each morning. Once I am awake, I would like a simple way to cancel all the remaining alarms for that day while keeping the 4 alarms set for all future days. In short, I need a command to "cancel all remaining alarms for today."

    Thanks for a great application!

  12. Thanks for this program, it's fantastic!

    --Instead of having all the alarms in a simple chronically sorted list, have it a progressive date/time sorted list, separated by just a thick bar across the window to split between the days.

    --Input boxes for time instead drop downs (like Ciaran suggested)

    --Ability to set a specific date. Example: If today is Monday and I want to set an alarm, not for Tomorrow (Tues) but for NEXT Tuesday, my only option is "Every Tuesday". That means tomorrow it'll go off and I won't need it. Doesn't necessarily have to be a full calendar system like a "Day Planner" (though that'd be awesome), just maybe being able to set it 2 weeks out.

    --Silent Alarm: if you have the screen with in view, but the small box might not catch your attention, have it overlay across the whole screen and flash (perhaps between a few bright colors, just not fast for anyone prone to seizures).

    Thanks again, this thing has been great!

  13. Great program But really need to be able to edit the font size in the alarm window. I'm utilizing this for my Mom as a meds reminder but its to small to see.Otherwise its awesome!

  14. The program is very good, lacking only the countdown timer.


  15. Free Alarm Clock is definitely one of the BEST alarm programs I've seen or used. Very easy to use and very flexible. Thank you.

    For future versions please also consider adding the ability to save a set of alarm profiles. This is useful, for example, when Week A schedule and Week B schedules are different and alternate each week.

  16. Many thanks.

    The one thing I'd add is an interval alarm. An alarm you could have repeat every hour, or 15 minutes, or 8 hours, etc.

    That would be useful for exercising, chores, taking medicines and so on.

    I'm picturing a simple setup like this...

    Every X minutes/hours
    Starting at Y time
    Until Z time

    ...where the user inputs X, Y and Z

    To help folks like MSC, when the alarm pops up, you could have a "done for the day" option to discontinue early.

  17. Really great program.
    Floating clock is great feature

  18. Works perfect... Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  19. I love this program. This is what I was looking for. I never gonna be late for work again when my mobile battery goes flat at midnight :)

    Thank you guys for making such a complete program free of charge.


  20. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees genial jajajaja! lo recomiendo

  21. Dear author,

    how about adding tooltip for 15 seconds (on the taskbar) as a notification option? It is more convenient in some cases.

  22. It's a great program but lacks a calendar to set specific dates for the alarm.

  23. would love a way to minimize to sys tray. other then that its by far the best i've found

  24. Awesome program. The only thing I'd change would be to add a date along with the time at the top of the screen. Then, if you had an appointment on December 20th at 2pm, you could put in December 20, 2011 along with the 2:00pm time entry. Thanks!

  25. Good job. Could do with a countdown timer, too. Thank you.

  26. How do you show date in Englisg format, want to show day month year not month day year?