Monday, December 14, 2015

Free Alarm Clock 4.0 has been released

  • Free Alarm Clock now has full Unicode support.
  • New "Skip next alarm" option has been added to alarm clocks.
  • New command line parameter /ADDALARM has been added. This parameter opens the new alarm window.
  • New: 6 alarm sounds have been added.
  • New: Translations of the UI into Greek and Indonesian languages.
  • Improved Windows 10 Compatibility.
  • Improved: The reminder window shows the snooze time on the snooze button.
  • Improved: Now Free Alarm Clock has a modern date picker.
  • Improved: The caption of the alarm window shows the alarm time.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the alarm event did not bring the reminder window to the foreground in Windows 8 and above.
  • Fixed: Now you can't close the floating clock using the Alt+F4 hotkey.
  • Fixed: If you used the ampersand character (&) in the label for an alarm event, "_" was displayed instead of "&" when the reminder window popped up for that event.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.
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  1. wow ,finely a new version 4 here ! I am going to give it a try ! thx man for this update !

  2. Thank U for Free Alarm Clock 4.0 - Release: December 14, 2015

    Might U consider additional features.

    1. Close [x] on floating clock box
    2. Add Everyday choice box in Repeat Selections
    3. User Color(s) Text Selection for floating clock box
    4. Integrate the NEXT alarm indication under Date in Floating box. Remove the Hover Over Necessity to view NEXT alarm.
    5. (or) Countdown til next alarm under floating clock Date.

    Thank U again and Best Wishes

    1. I'm a big fan of the way the floating clock looks now. I'm afraid that it would be too distracting having the information about the Next Alarm included (Nos. 4 or 5). Having said that, I like the idea of an x on the floating clock but Only if it is as small as the little existing icon on the bottom left. Also, I wouldn't want the x to be red. I'm all about keeping the floating clock as simple and non-distracting as it is. This is a great program! I use it every day. Thank you!!

    2. Oh, and, having said all of that, I Do like the idea of being able to change the font color.

  3. Thx, again, for a great program - I use it everyday!
    I have a suggestion - it would be handy if the SNOOZE TIME were adjustable. For example, when an alarm pops up, sometimes I want to snooze it for 5 minutes; other times, I want to snooze it for an hour. So, it would be handy if when the alarm window opened it had an option to adjust the snooze time. Thanks again!

    1. I agree, the same thing crossed my mind on more than one occasion. I love that the button now has the amount of time it will snooze and taking this next step would make it perfect !!

    2. I like the adjustable snooze idea too. I would like to be able to adjust the size, location and maybe transparency of the alarm pop-up. I wanted to donate to you, but you don't take PayPal, why not? I don't use bank cards, they are all too greedy.

    3. We accept only PayPal:

    4. A more adjustable snooze time is my #1 desire for it too. Give us buttons so at that alarm time we can select to snooze for 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

  4. Windows 7 Home Premium x86
    App closes instead going to tray and alarm sounds are not working. None of them. I went back to v3.1.0.

  5. I have found an old bug which keep going to because UN-floating windows most of time (it’s only floating on my desktop and it keep floating as I can see but not on my web browser so it keeps floating on a web browser for some quit time and Suddenly it goes to UN- floating ) !so I am using of both of your software’s and the problem with both !

  6. I have used the previous version happily for almost a year. Now, two nights running, the alarm has gone off at a time it is not set to go off WHILST THE LAPTOP LID WAS CLOSED. I am so disappointed but will have to uninstall it, since I cannot lose the sleep.

  7. I'm so thrilled with your modern time picker. At first, I found it kind of overwhelming to look at and I thought that I might prefer the old way. I soon changed my mind about that! I Love your modern time picker now! I could never be without it. Thank you So Much.

  8. I use "Free Alarm Clock" throughout every day. Here are two requests for enhancement:

    1. In "Edit" mode, line breaks in the "Label:" field display properly. Out of "Edit" mode, the line breaks no longer display properly; instead, I see one long line of text.

    Possible solution: Regard it as a "Note:" field, not a "Label:" field. Respect its contents as entered in "Edit" mode.

    2. I often need to set a timer for the next day. My kludge--check the day-of-week box for the next day.

    I know, you probably don't want to stray from a timer program to a rudimentary calendar program. However, I have a need for specifying a date as well as the time occasionally.

  9. I'd love to see a more adjustable snooze time. Give us buttons so at that alarm time we can select to snooze for 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

  10. Thanks for Free Alarm Clock!
    Feature Request: When you select "None" as the alarm sound, the "Turn on the volume" should automatically be unchecked. I generally do not use a sound for my alarms, but it took me a while to figure out why my volume kept changing when the alarm (without sound) goes off. I realized that I had to uncheck that option. But this should be automatic. I shouldn't have to remember to uncheck that, when I already selected that there should be no sound. Another possibility it to make "Turn on the volume" unchecked and grayed out. Whichever is easier for you.

  11. Is there any option/feature to integrate it with the google calendars.

  12. For the cost of storage of 12 files, could I have a cuckoo clock that sounds off at the top of the hour?

  13. I am trying to play a 1 minute song as my alarm. The alarm shuts off, though, after about 5 seconds. It worked on the older version. Any thoughts?