Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Alarm Clock 2.5 has been released

Changes in version 2.5:

  • New: Ability to play a random song from a directory.
  • New: Ability to execute a command or open URL instead of playing a song.
  • New: Ability to play WAV and WMA files.
  • New: A tooltip on the taskbar as an alarm notification.
  • New: Added translations of the UI into Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Czech and Arabic languages.
  • Improved: Whenever the system time changes, the program refreshes all alarms.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the floating clock window does not re-open after restart.
  • Fixed: Issue with playing sound.
  • Fixed: Issue with daylight saving time.
Download Free Alarm Clock 2.5


  1. I absolutely LOVE this program. Only thing I'm missing is the ability to turn off the seconds count in the floating clock.

  2. One of the best alarms I have seen (Regardless the fact that it is free). It can be used as a school bell too!!! I am looking forward for a newer version.

    Thus I would like to see in later versions, some extra features such us:
    - Exceptions in the alarms (i.e. Christmas Holidays)
    - Service function (works without entering in Windows)
    - Repeat alarm every "X weeks"

    However, the most important improvement of the program, is the Multiple soundcard support.

    Since most systems nowadays, have two sound outputs, it can be usefull to have a dedicated soundcard - speaker system for the alarm / bell, especially when it is used as a school bell. Thus you can still use your normal speakers and soundcard to watch a movie, listen to music etc.

    Even as an alarm function I think that it is better to have a seperate dedicated soundcard - speaker system for the alarm, because you might wake up in terror (or die by it) just because you forgot to lower the HomeCinema speaker volume from last nights movie... I know there is a volume function in each alarm, but still...this is only working when your hardware vloume level of your speakers is steady.

    Please make it happen!
    Thank you

  3. I agree with the sound output being selectable. I use my headphones for everything else but would like this to ring my via my speakers.
    I'd also like to be able to change the font color and style as well as the color of the background.
    Thank you for the cool free clock!!!

  4. Excellent little alarm. A useful addition would be a 'crescendo' option that gradually increases the volume of the alarm, the longer it plays.

    1. Think that you aren't in the nearby, just when the time comes... Poor neighbours!

  5. I love this. I use it everyday for meditation, to let me know when the time has passed. Found a tibetan gong sound. Nice way to end it. Thanks!

  6. I would like a "repeat alarm x times" option.
    Awesome program, I use it multiple times a day.

  7. Excellent software! The best among my downloads. It would be perfect if countdown function is included.

  8. Excellent software! +1
    I like it very very much.
    Thank you very very much.

  9. Fantastic use it many times a day, mostly for medication reminders.

    Used many others none even compare!!!!

  10. Thank you very much for a good software. I like it.

  11. Gorgeous....ilike it...God blessed all who made it!!! and thanks for gives us as free!!!

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  13. This is just what I have been looking for. I live in a nursing home where we have smoking times six times a day. I can set it and forget it, I will then be notified ten minutes in advance so i can get my shoes and coat on. Thank you for a wonderful piece of software.

  14. Chiar util. Recomand tuturor.Simplu si eficient

  15. Is there anyway to make the floating clock enabled always? I've tried options, show clock in floating window, but I have to enable it again every time it's switched on. Running Windows XP.

  16. I like it so far, but I can't make it work. I have set an alarm to bring up a web page, but when the alarm goes off, nothing happens. I can get it to pop up a message, but not actually OPEN a web browser and navigate to that page. Help?

    1. May Be you use too many alarm; same problem with me, but I reduce to 4, or 5 alarm, anh it work well

  17. I really love this program, makes the phone alarm almost useless :). It also runs on Windows 8. Thank you for making this program free !

  18. Please - Date and Time together ! And World Time Zones !

  19. Very good programm, but with the new version 2.5 the floating clock window still does not re-open after restart.
    It will be good to fix this problem .

  20. Thank you for your free alarm clock. It is a pleasure to use this software. What would make it even more valuable if you could add date based alarms as well as daily alarms.

    You gotta have a date scheduler somewhere to really make it rocking! Perhaps you have it planned for the next release.

    You're great!


  22. Hope you can look at suggested improvements

    I just went to add a single alarm for 9am tomorrow morning. But found I can’t do that. I can only set a repeat alarm for days beyond today.

    Ask for day/date of first alarm, defaulting today.
    Check for first date when checking for alarms.

    Think this would make this nice, simple tool even better, without making it too complicated or over-loaded with features.
    And seems to be simple enough to implement.

  23. Thanks for giving us a great, simple to use and very helpful application!

    My only suggestion, like some other posters mentioned, would be to add the ability to SET ALARMS BY DATE, to remind myself of something I need to do several days or weeks in the future.

  24. Love this- thank you so very much!! For those of us using it, and especially for those of us asking for additional features, I hope we're all donating a little money so this person's time and energy is supported? I read some of these comments and for a free service, some people sound a bit more demanding than they should be.... Whoever made this clock- thank you so very much for the service!!! It makes my life better and easier!!

  25. using xp cannot verify that it will wake up lapton tried following the online guide and it doesn't look like that

  26. How do you set random song from directory feature?